A men's heaven

Boys will be boys with this ultimate anger management activity. Basically, car smash gives you the opportunity to smash a car to bits at a scrapyard with an array of demolition weapons. Sledgehammers, baseball bats, golf clubs, we have them all. Experience men's heaven on a greasy motor graveyard and enjoy the smell of destruction.

Let it all go! Unleash your fury and find out how much damage you can do before your clunker kicks the bucket. We take your safety serious and protective cloths are provided. Due to the nature of the activity it is not allowed to consume alcohol prior to taking part.

This activity is new on the Amsterdam market and already proves to be highly popular amongst stag parties, friend weekends away and team building events.

The event takes places on a distance of 30 min from Amsterdam. We can provide the return transport for only €18,- pp.


One car to smash per 5 or 6 people
Extensive safety instructions
An array of demolition weapons
Protective overalls, gloves and goggles
Starting location: Motorweg 19 Vijfhuizen

Persons: minimal 8 and maximum 100.

Length: 1,5 hours


Introduction price of € 45,00 per person
Payment for a minimum of 8 people

Transport return € 18,00 per person

Start and finish time:

Duration of 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the group size.

How to book:

How to book:

1. Check the availability online!
2. You can choose to pay the total amount upfront or 50% upfront and 50% cash on the day. 
3. You can choose to pay by bank transfer or by Credit Card.
4. After payment you receive automatically the voucher with all the information you need.
5. Print the voucher and bring it with you!

Ready to go!