Make your visit to the Red Light District complete with a photo shoot in a previous window brothel in the narrowest (famous) prostitution alley of Amsterdam. This is a great activity for your stag or hen party! You will never forget your stay in Amsterdam, the pictures are fantastic and a reminder for life!

Dress your best friend up in a trashy costume! You can wear something funny or sexy, become a gimp, pimp or a big stripper. Find a nice wig or mask and take place on our notorious bed: the photo shoot can begin!

Our photo shoot turns the tables, you'll have a hilarious time. You and your friends will be photographed in funny scenes/positions.

Don't worry, we can close the curtains. The space is for you and your friends alone. Do you want to make your photo shoot even more exciting? Than we have another really exciting location for you.

Photo Shoot 30 minutes
The stag or hen gets dressed with a maximum of 4 people. The photo shoot will be centered around these 5 people in costume, but during the group photo the rest of the participants can wear a wig, mask or attribute. 

There is free coffee, a present for the stag or hen, you will receive all the photo's digitally. 

Photo Shoot 1 hour
Everybody can get dressed in a funny, trashy or sexy outfit, there are wigs, hats and attributes. We have free coffee/tea and some small snacks. The stag or hen will receive a present. All photo's will be mailed digitally. 

- Price per person for the shoot of a half hour is € 17,50
- Price per person for the of a hour is € 22,50

Feel free to contact us!


Funny Dress
Digital group picture
Coffee and tea
Present for the Bachelor
Starting location: Amsterdam


A half hour shoot is € 17,50 per person
A one hour shoot is € 22,50 per person
Both are for a minimum of 8 people or payment for 8

Start and finish time:

You can choose your own start time