Beer bike pub crawl

€ 350, 00 p.g.

You don't do this every day!

With more than 10 years of experience we devise and organize many bachelor parties and all other kinds of parties. We are unique and do our best to stay as unique as possible in this rapidly changing market with our originality. We try to give you an unforgettable fun afternoon, evening or day!

Brand new tour! The beer bike in combination with a pub crawl. With this tour you will see the hotspots of Amsterdam and the best bars. You will visit two different bars in the city center of Amsterdam and in each bar you can buy a beer or shot. Cheers!

When somebody of the group is not drinking beer, he/she can take their own drinks to the beer bike, that is no problem.

Package Deals
- Friday Special, beer bike + beer boat for € 50,00 per person.
  The beer boat is private for 1,5 hours and includes four cans of beer per person and skipper.   
  . Also available on other days for € 60,00 per person.
- Super Sunday, special price for the beer bike!
- 5 up to  9 persons € 300,00
- 10 up to 17 persons € 350,00

Download the route

Starting location: De Ruijterkade 4 Amsterdam

Persons: minimal 5 and maximum 17.

Length: 1,5 hours


5 up to  9 pers € 350,00
10 up to 13 pers € 400,00
14 up to 17 pers € 450,00

We have multiple bikes, therefore groups with more than 17 persons is not a problem.
Contact us to see the special big group prices.

Less then 5 persons?
Let us know and we will look for a solution.

Start and finish time:

Daily timetable
- 10:30-12:00
- 12:00-13:30
- 13:30-15:00
- 15:00-16:30
- 16:30-18:00
- 18:00-19:30
- 19:30-21:00
- 21:00-22:30

How to book:

1. Check the availability online!
2. You can choose to pay the total amount upfront or 50% upfront and 50% cash on the day.
3. You can choose to pay by bank transfer or by Credit Card.
4. After payment you receive automatically the voucher with all the information you need.
5. Print the voucher and bring it with you!

Ready to go!