Beerbike + Striptease in a Cafe

€ 475, 00 p.g.

Cycling and having fun wachting the striptease act

Cycling through the centre of Amsterdam, are you up for it? A sober driver (BOB) will drive you along the canals and through the streets of Amsterdam, passing several hotspots while you enjoy a nice, cold beer. Different names for this bike are the beer bike, bar on wheels and party bike. We guarantee a ride you will never forget!
Live this experience

We have some beer bikes with pedal assistance, that are the only bikes in Holland with this option. Due to the canopy top we can go around the whole year, whether it’s sunny or rainy. The beer bike is suitable for 5 up to 16 persons. We have multiple bikes so bigger groups aren’t a problem.

Is the group less than 5 persons?
Let us know and we will look for a solution.


After having cycled through the beautiful city centre of Amsterdam, a stripper is waiting for you in a cafe nearby.
The stripper will give you a 15 minute show, gives a lapdance and will go completely nude. We’ve got male and female strippers and you may choose the stripper!

Inquire about the conditions


20L of cold beer
Sober driver
Canopy in case of bad weather
Gadget for everyone
Striptease act
Starting location: Piet Heinkade 47 Amsterdam

Persons: minimal 8 and maximum 16.

Length: 2 hours


Group of 5 to 9 people:     only €475 instead of €510!
Group of 10 to 13 people: only €525 instead of €560!
Group of 14 to 16 people: only €575 instead of €610!

Start and finish time:

- 10.30-12.30
- 12.30-14.30
- 14.30-16.30
- 16.30-18.30
- 18.30-20.30
- 20.30-22.30


How to book:

1. Check the availability online!
2. You can choose to pay the total amount upfront or 50% upfront and 50% cash on the day. 
3. You can choose to pay by bank transfer or by Credit Card.
4. After payment you receive automatically the voucher with all the information you need.
5. Print the voucher and bring it with you!

Ready to go!