Shooting followed by an all inclusive cruise

€ 70, 00 p.p.

Shooting introduction followed by the all in cruise

Who is the best shooter of the group? It’s a great experience! There is a bar in the club, so it's possible to drink something.

6 persons are shooting at the same time. An instructor explains how it works and makes you ready to fire! Every person shoots 30 bullets of the caliber .22.
(20 times with a gun, 10 times with a revolver) 

You need to take your passport with you and wear normal clothes. No disguise!

Watch out! The shooting club is closed on Sundays.

After the shooting introduction you will have the all inclusive cruise.
A private canal cruise that is taken care of down to the last detail, with unlimited drinks. Four private pub on the canals, WOW! Perfect for a coorporate event, bachelor party or family outing. Not having to bring anything yourself and carefree boarding, that is the all-inclusive cruise. Relax, laugh and enjoy the water, those are the three key words of this tour.

The all-inclusive cruise is private for 1.5 hours and includes unlimited beer, soda and Prosecco and fingerfood.

Inquire about the conditions.


unlimited soda, beer, prosecco and fingerfood
shooting introduction
Starting location: Amsterdam

Persons: minimal 8 .

Length: 2,5 hours


Price per person is €70,-

Start and finish time:


How to book:

1. Check the availability online!
2. You can choose to pay the total amount upfront or 50% upfront and 50% cash on the day.
3. You can choose to pay by bank transfer or by Credit Card.
4. After payment you receive automatically the voucher with all the information you need.
5. Print the voucher and bring it with you!

Ready to go