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Local authorities of Amsterdam and surroundings can ask for your i.d. during the Damtours beerbike ride because of the age (18+)consuming alcohol related drinks in Public So, According to the law you always have to identify yourself so also during the activities you do with us.

Please take your I.D. WITH YOU while you on the beerbike. We are not responsible for a possible fine and misbehaviour..from any party member. Please work with us.

We will accept only a good party together folks!
We understand this very well but work with them the best we can, enjoy life!

Of course! It is not a problem if you bring your own drinks from the supermarket.

You can bring your own drinks if you'd like!

We bring out drinks cold with an average temperature of 4 degrees. In the summertime the temperature is slightly higher, but still cold!

Local authorities do not accept that, neither do we. Please drink responsibly, even on the Beer Bike

Yes, you can (driver Ard is very fond of cigars).

You will most likely be on tour with one of the owners, Ard, and his team: Jack, Jelle, Desiree, Danny, Fons, and other staff members who jump in and love Amsterdam with lots of historical buildings and the many people on their bikes.

Our take-off point is close to CS (Central station) from street Westerdoksdijk 101. This place has plenty of space to park our bikes out for the start location. However, this location is not our office! 

Recently we have equipped our bikes with electric motors, so it is much easier to move around and you will enjoy it more than ever. It’s easy paddling, while you’re having a great sightseeing experience tour that is great fun.

We welcome kids 13 and over for our Damtours bike ride, which is between 5-10 km (about 5 miles), so your child should be a confident long distance rider on the group bike in company with its parents. The city is very hectic and sometimes we must ride beside cars without a designated bike path. We can offer soft drinks for those who like that.

We don’t have enough space on our bikes to store your luggage. We advise you to bring your belongings to your overnight address first.

Sure! We are also happy to take photos of you. If you wish to stop and take lots of photos, DO IT!

For the Damtours group beer bikes, we take a maximum of 17 people and the driver. But Damtours has also a 15 seats sightseeing bike with powerful motors ready to go! Damtours has one of the best fleets of bikes of all the group bike companies in Amsterdam. With 10 years of experience in this business, we understand it very well. We’ve got more beer bikes, so bigger groups are not a problem at all. Our own driver provides the guarantee that you will all have a save trip on our bike. The driver will make sure that you will see Amsterdam's best places and lets you enjoy your company. The beer bike is perfectly suitable for fun with the family, a trip with colleagues, bachelor parties or just a good laugh with your friends. A trip with the beer bike is for 2 hours and includes 30 litres of beer. You will have to make reservations in advance.

We keep options for 24 hrs and do the best we can to book you in for the trill in Amsterdam. If you wish to start in another town, let us know by e-mail. All our beer bikes have electric paddle assist, so it's easier and a lot more fun!

If you feel you want a truly personal experience, then you should try a Private Damtour. For our Private Tours, we can work with you to create a bespoke tour. Let us know by e-mail.

If you are not accustomed to the cold or wind, it is best to bring gloves, a scarf, and a hat. Better to have more than less! The weather can also change here instantly. It is quite unpredictable, so it is a good idea is to check the weather report on the day of your tour. Bicycle clothing is not necessary, but we do suggest wearing flat shoes and comfortable clothing, so please do not bring expensive items (Hermès purses, suede jackets, etc.) on our Beer bike/ Sightseeing tour. Store your belongings in a secure place or leave them in your overnight address, like a Bed and Breakfast, hostel or hotel!

We have a bag net underneath the bar to store some items. The bags are not big enough for full-sized backpacks, but they are large enough for things like gloves, scarves, hats or an extra jacket. We recommend that you bring snacks or lunch to eat on the go if you wish.

Adults do not usually wear helmets in Amsterdam, so there is no need for that on the Beer bike / Sightseeing bike.

We have a big, removable roof system (Cabrio style). When the weather forecast is sunny or dry, we don’t have to use it. The roof is specifically designed so you will be completely covered.

It’s because you can see more on a bright and sunny day on a sightseeing tour in Amsterdam. It can rain up to 200 days a year in Amsterdam. The locals ride in the rain, and so will we! The roof is designed to ensure your comfort, so we do not offer refunds for rain.

We are a 100% green company that uses... foot power. We follow bike paths to get where we want to go! We ride on the asphalt road. Sometimes we stop, so other traffic can pass us easily. It’s a small design that doesn’t disturb the environment.

Being a one 100% green company unfortunately means we do not have a car for hotel pickups. We kindly request that our guests meet us at our meeting point Ruijterkade number 5 (in front of the office

You can adjust your saddle on your size and otherwise we have a bench for you.

Westerdoksdijk 101, Amsterdam

Yes, there is a bench or a place near the front and otherwise we will make it happen!

We suggest that we provide the drinks as much as we can for you.

Yes, you can try the Pub Quiz Route or you can pose a question to the team before they can move on.

If you are booking the bike for a tour, there is a space at the back of the bike for a banner to advertise your event. The space is 0,75m wide and 50cm high. If you would like that, don’t forget duct tape :)

We have a lot of experience at events and will happily assist you at no extra charge. We will advise you on health and safety, route choreography, logistics and passenger interaction.
We can also advise you on advertising and branding.

We have a start and a finish point and in between we find a good route for you, having stops to celebrate the day and make it custom where we can.
Questions? Just call or e-mail us:

Yes, thanks to our custom made roof you and your friends stay protected against all kinds of weather, like sun, rain, snow.
We have a cabrio style roof system.
The removable roof is only used in unfavourable weather. The roof is a special design in three parts that are wider than the bike itself, so you always sit underneath the roof and won’t get wet. However, without the roof, there is more to see and to discover, without hindrance of your range of vision.

The length of the bike is 5.50 meters and the width is 1.50 meters. The height is 1.75 meters without the roof. The bike will not hinder the flow of other traffic participants on the public road.

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