Questions and answers - FAQ

When do we need to pay?

When you confirmed the booking, we will sent you a payment link by email.
You can choose to pay by bank transfer or by Credit Card.
After payment you receive automatically a voucher by email with all the information you need.

You can choose to pay the total amount upfront or 50% upfront and 50% cash on the day.
We want alway a part upfront to secure the booking.

We can sent companies also an invoice by email for the administration.

How do we know where we will be expected?

When you paid by payment link you will receive automatically the voucher by email, the voucher is inclusive maps for each activity you booked.

Can you arrange our whole weekend in Amsterdam?

Offcourse we can. We provide hotels/hostels, restaurants and the best activities of the city.

1 person is not drinking beer, what can we do?

He can take his own drinks with him, no problem.
You can also take bites with you.
We can arrange the beer and also Prosecco.
The price per bottle Prosecco a 0,75L is € 10,00 

Do the prices include VAT?

All prices are including VAT. Only € 7,50 booking fee (including VAT) will be added to your booking.

Does the beer bike take place in case of bad weather conditions?

Yes! We got big umbrellas on the bike so rain is not a problem, we take also ponchos with us in case of really bad weather. 

How can I book?

Please fill out the request form by the activity. We will come back to you with availability and price. After this mail you can confirm. We will confirm too and we will sent you the payment link by email. After payment you receive automatically the voucher with all the information you need,
Ready to go! 

Can you show ID?

Local authorities of Amsterdam and surroundings can ask  for your i.d. during the Damtours beerbike ride because of the age (18+)consuming alcohol related drinks in Public So, According to the law you always have to identify  yourself so also during the activities you do with us.

Please take your I.D. WITH YOU while you on the beerbike. We are not responsible for a possible fine and misbehaviour..from any party member. Please work with us,

We will accept only a good party together folks!
We understand this very well but work with them the best we can, enjoy life!